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Super Bad Theater Company



About Super Bad Theater Company

SuperBad Theater Company is a non-profit company, operating under the oversight from the Weathersby Productions Board of Trustees. SBTC is dedicated to supporting bold concepts and unique visions of emerging and established directors. Utilizing dynamic imagery, physical movement, and innovative storytelling, SBTC strives to establish an environment in which audiences are engaged in a visceral sense and an intellectual capacity. Creating original works and speaking truth to power using the vehicle of performing arts is vital, it is through these innovative productions we strive to reach and bridge non-traditional as well as traditional theatergoers and expand the theatre community by including a variety of artists across multiple disciplines.

Vision Statements 

    ● Giving a voice to the silent - Super Bad Theater spearheads the effort to bridge the gap between the arts world and Bay Area’s underserved communities to empower people from all walks of life access to the tools to create art. Experience has shown the power of giving a voice to the say, industry's "cosmetically challenged", builds confidence within oneself and shows authentic"Blind casting." 


● For the people - With data collection from our customers/clients and partners, we will be able to put together programs that truly give our communities what they want to see and experience, thereby building meaningful and fulfilling interactions and partnerships. Within today's social climate, people need a positive and uplifting outlet to release emotional feelings and thoughts. Experience has shown, "The Arts" saves lives and ignites communication between patrons from all walks of life.


     ● Artistic (Ecosystem) - Super Bad creates an environment where all local/national theaters, schools and art-performance venues can connect/collaborate, support and share resources with each other resulting in decreased production cost and accumulated customer and financial gains by all involved.

A Message From Our Affiliates 

At Weathersby Productions, our passion is entertainment, and it’s become the main essence in which our performers live by. Since 2009, we’ve been providing audiences from all over with a broad selection of shows and performances, and have grown to be recognized as a leading Performing Arts Group in all of Vallejo/Northern Bay Area. Our family of talented artists bring you the best productions and work hard to entertain you all year long.

Get to Know Us

At Super Bad Theater Company, we believe in providing the community with a series of state-of-the-art shows and performances that truly make an impact. We’ve produced and hosted a wide range of performances since 2009, and have an outstanding group of performers that really bring each of our productions to life. Come see what we’re all about!

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“Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well”

Lord Chesterfield

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