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YCEW- Youth Creative Ethics Workshop

Youth Creative Ethics Workshop (“YCEW”) offers a number of special programs in acting classes and live theatrical experiences for youth grades K to 5. YCEW’s informal, classroom-based structure promotes Loyalty, Honesty, Good Manners, Handling Anger, Cause and Effect, Empowerment of Words, Sharing and Caring, Saying the word “Thank You”,  Laws and Rules, Forgiveness, Helping others, self-expression, critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork.

All enrolled students are eligible to audition in plays that are put on for live school and public audiences at the end of the 8 week class section.  

Class work includes theatre games, improvisation exercises, characterization techniques, and public speaking lessons.    “YCEW emphasizes building your child’s self esteem, creativity, teamwork, and speech skills. “YCEW provides students with live theatre experience – as much or as little as they want – so that they can explore the world of theatre arts.


There are two levels of “YCEW” grade programs:

The 2nd-3rd and 4th-8th. Short theatrical productions are a part of each program experience. “YCEW” also offers an outside musical theatre program, and specialized classes like auditioning techniques, learning all aspects of  technical theatre and summer theatre camps.

Who Do We Work With?

Public Schools

Private Schools

Charter Schools

Community Organizations

Children Theatres

         All Budgets Accepted "No Budgets Left Behind"


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